FLO Northern Line Extension LU

FLO Northern Line Extension LU

Site: Kennington Park, Kennington Green and Battersea LU Station UP. 

Project start date: Aug 2017 – Dec 2020 


Battersea Tunnel Over-run Openings: 

In March 2018 EDD had the task of creating 2nr 7-meter diameter openings through a concrete D-Wall which was heavily reinforced and 1.2 meters deep. EDD commenced the works by creating the top-half perimeter by Diamond Stitch Drilling over 170nr 107mm holes which created the perimeter. Then EDD proceeded to Plunge wire saw the bottom-half of the perimeter creating a 10mm cut-line to allow EDD to break-out the concrete using our Brokk 500. The Brokk 500 allowed all concrete to be broken out safely as the machine is a robotic remote controlled machine which allows the operator to stay at a safe distance. 


LU Xmas Block-aid works: 


Kennington Park and Green: 

Date: Dec- 2017 


EDD had to demolish 120 linear meters at both sites of the existing Northern Line Cast-Iron Tunnels in a 48hr period.  

This work consisted of cutting the Cast-Iron tunnels into 2 meters sections across the tunnel while the tunnel invert had to be cut also to allow the removal by EDD. 

EDD had a total of 4nr 3Phase Track Saws working simultaneously on each site cutting the Cast-Iron into section. After which, EDD had 2nr Floor Saws cutting the tunnel invert in half while we used our Brokk 260’s to break out the sections for removal by FLO to lift out of the site by crane.   

This particular phase of work required extreme planning between EDD and FLO logistics to ensure it was completed safely to allow other trade to continue with the Block-Aid works. As a result, EDD completed all Break-out works within 36 hours.