Align HS2 Chiltern Tunnel Crosspage Breakout

Align HS2 Chiltern Tunnel Crosspage Breakout

Project: ALIGN South Portal | Requirement: Cross Passage Openings​ | Date: 03/2022​​


EDD were successfully awarded awarded a package to carry out the concrete cutting and demolition element of 76no. cross passage opening spanning between down and up track running tunnels on the HS2 project running from Gerrards Cross underneath the Chiltern Hills.


The design successfully controlled most of the slurry, ensuring wastewater that did overspill was not saturated with slurry and could be easily  cleaned off platform.

Hidden Benefit

Whilst the beam attenuated slurry, during robotic demo it also held back demo arising, this reduced the requirement to clear the platform to allow the demo robot to sit on a stable surface., thus aiding progress