Kellers HS2 Euston Ground Anchor Coring

Kellers HS2 Euston Ground Anchor Coring

Project: SCS Area East  | Requirement: Ground Anchor Coring Openings​ | Date: 01/03/2021


EDD were tasked with forming over 480 core holes to enable ground anchor installation by others.  The cores were 350mmØ and ranged from 3m to 7m in depth.  As the cores to be formed were at a downwards angle into the wall, a method to retrieve the cores without them falling out of the core barrel was required.


Whilst we produced the best solution first, we also spent time developing other back-up concepts using 3d modelling and 3d printing.


Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.  To ensure core segments caught on the coring barrel, we cut points into the barrels to act as barbs.  The benefit of this solution ensures the barbs can be bent outwards to allow core ejection following retrieval from the core location.