BSCU – Bank Station Capacity Upgrade

BSCU – Bank Station Capacity Upgrade

Project Type – Transport Infrastructure

Methodologies Utilised
Track Sawing
Wire Sawing
Remote Demolition
Diamond Drilling


Scope Item – Cast Iron Segment Removal, Concrete segment Removal and Shotcrete tunnel opening formations.

Project Start date: 12th November 2019

EDD helped Dragados remove 24nr Cast Iron segment openings to enable them to break through new cross passages for the upgrade of Bank Station on both the Northern Line and Central Line.
These works were carried out using our Track Sawing method and Wire Sawing Method allowing other trades to carry on with their works in close proximity.

EDD also helped with the removal of 12nr cross passage openings on the DLR Line which were concrete segmental openings. This was done using our Track Sawing method to form the perimeter of each opening and broken out using our Brokk110 for removal by others.While working on Bank Station EDD were in constant engineering and design meeting with Dragados to overcome the challenges these works caused on a weekly basis to ensure it got completed safely and on time.Wire and track sawing were used to remove cast-iron tunnel segments during blockade works. EDD worked various nights and weekend possessions to deliver client needs.

Scope Item – Pedestal Removal

Wire sawing enabled the removal of the track pedestals at the former Northern Line southbound platform.

Project Start Date:
12th November 2019